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Has anyone out there under the age of 40 ever been to a drive in? I’m not talking Hivott, where they bring you really yummy Coney dogs with chili and cheese (well, yummy with a few beers) I am talking about the kind of drive in where a movie plays on a giant screen in the middle of a field, and there is a post thingy that has a speaker where you can change the volume to your liking. The only problem I can recall was the bathroom stalls being dirty but luckily I was too young to have anything written about me on them.

I think…..

I mention drive ins because the 1989 B-movie Caged Fury was primo for the part. If you have never heard of Caged Fury, suffice it to say it is a WIP film - women in prison. There was a time in the 70’s & 80’s when this type of film was so popular that it seemed like a new one popped up every 5 minutes or so (apparently I am not the only one with problems.) A great draw for the drive in theaters as the characters were usually played by mediocre porn stars - soft porn stars versus hardcore porn - so they had no problem flashing boobs for extended periods of time or even offering up a full frontal. Needless to say my husband was a bit surprised (dare I say happy?) when I suggested watching “Caged Fury” - quite a switch from my usual “giant killer bug” choice.

I suppose it probably means that something is psychologically wrong with me because I like women in prison films. I can only imagine what Freud or Jung would say about it, but being as my blog is anything but psychological or even philosophical, let’s not dwell on it and just move on, k?

1989’s Caged Fury stars a bunch of no name up-comers (who, for the most part, never really came up) but I found it rather interesting to see that one of the main characters was Erik Estrada of Chips fame, and Ron Jeremy of all people. I feel happy to say that I never saw one of Ron’s porn films, however I did find him rather entertaining in VH1’s Surreal Life.

So anyway, Caged Fury stars Cat, a small town girl who wants her shot at stardom so she sets off for the bright lights and big city. Along the way she hooks up with Rhonda, a hitchhiker who introduces Cat to her photographer boyfriend. Seems he has connections and is able to get both girls an audition with some movie producer. After “auditioning” in a couple rather suggestive scenes, cops bust in and the two girls are arrested for prostitution. The fun begins when they are thrown into the slammer.

I feel the need to interject here for those of you thinking this might be a movie of substance and plot and that you should rush right out and rent it. Stop thinking right now! That is not the case! Movies of this caliber are not intended to be watched for complex story lines or captivating dialogue, but rather gratuitous boob shots and sexually suggestive scenes. Now if that is what you are after then by all means, rush right out there don’t wait to finish this review!

Cat soon learns that being in the slammer isn’t quite what she expected. We quickly learn that the female warden and various male guards all have sexual fetishes that the women prisoners are obligated to appease. What’s even worse is that some of the other female prisoners seem sort of jealous of her. Perhaps they like being subjected sex slavery?

So about this time Cat’s sister Tracy decides to go looking for her since she seems to have just “disappeared.” She gets the bright idea to retrace her sisters footsteps and soon finds herself locked up in the same sex slave slammer as her naive little sis. Oh, what is a dumb blond from Utah with silicone breasts to do??

Did I mention Eric Estrada was in this movie? Well he and his kickboxing sidekick had hooked up with Cat prior to her incarceration and now feels the need to go hero and try to save her along with her sister. Too bad for them he manages to take a bullet in the shoulder and disappear into an ambulance for most of the movie. Luckily Eric’s kickboxing sidekick manages to pick up his slack and attempts to save the day AND the damsels in distress.

Although I have no female tendencies to mention, I must say there is a certain appeal to 1/2 naked females in distress movies. I’m not sure if its because the guys are so insanely goofy hot or if its because the women have these perfectly siliconed breasts that i am extremely envious of. Either way I find myself drawn to the intense cheesy flavor they provide.

shocker1So anyway we finally learn that this bogus jail is actually a white slavery ring, and the twisted perverts running the show aren’t even real cops! WHOA! No way would I have figured out they weren’t real cops all on my own!

But I am giving too much away. If I tell you anymore about Caged Fury, you might not watch it and potentially miss out on the cheesy amazing entertainment it provides and I just can’t have that on my conscience. It might interfere with my drinking….. (too bad the bottle is empty.)

So what are you waiting for? Watch it and then tell me what you think!